PANDA (AI goes to school)

AI Goes to School

How to Teach Artificial Intelligence to Primary School Students welcomes you to “PANDA: Primary school Approach to AI Learning – Neural Network Design and Application,” a pioneering initiative aimed at introducing the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI) to young learners.


In a world surrounded by technology, where computers are an integral part of both households and schools, children have the unique opportunity to be introduced to technology from an early age. Recognizing the lasting impact of early childhood learning programs, we emphasize the importance of integrating AI education into primary school curricula.

Challenges in Education:

Traditional problem-solving in formal education often involves well-structured problems with rules and predictable solutions, which may not mirror real-life scenarios. As AI becomes an integral part of various industries, including education, it is crucial to equip primary school students with a foundational understanding of AI and computer science.

Our Approach – PANDA:

While many AI-related activities are typically designed for older students, our project focuses on introducing AI concepts to primary school students through “PANDA.” This curriculum progresses from concrete concepts to abstract ideas, allowing students to grasp how technology functions, understand the basics of the human brain, and connect computer graphics with neural networks used in their projects.

Key Objectives:

  • Technology Literacy: Develop an understanding of how technology works.
    Brain and AI Connection: Explore the connection between the human brain and AI.
  • Project-Based Learning: Encourage students to design and implement their AI projects.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Foster problem-solving skills through hands-on activities.
  • Teacher Support: Provide teachers with the necessary training and materials to mentor students effectively.

Student Journey:

The “PANDA” curriculum guides students through the process of thinking about their own AI project ideas, implementing them, and presenting the final results with the support of their teachers. By emphasizing problem-solving, design thinking, and project implementation, we empower primary school students to engage with AI concepts in a meaningful way.

Experience and Results:

We share our experiences, including the development of teaching materials, the coaching of teachers as mentors, and the evaluation of students’ projects. Our goal is to make AI education an accessible and enriching experience for primary school students, laying the foundation for a future where AI is part of their everyday reality.

If you’re interested in bringing the “PANDA” approach to AI education to your primary school or learning more about our project, please contact us.

Let’s inspire the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers together!