HELIoS (learn how to create web pages)

Welcome to HELIoS – a simple tool to make learning computer stuff easy and enjoyable! It’s like a friendly guide for understanding computer languages without any fuss.

What HELIoS does:

Easy with Colorful Blocks: HELIoS uses colorful blocks to teach computer languages (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS). Think of it like using building blocks for coding – it’s straightforward and fun!

Learn Without Confusion: HELIoS keeps things simple. It hides the tricky parts and shows you only what you need to know. Learning at your own pace is a breeze.

Switch Between Pictures and Words: HELIoS lets you switch between pictures and words. Start with easy pictures and move to computer words when you’re ready – no confusion, just a smooth transition.

See Your Work in Action: HELIoS not only shows what you’re making but also how it works in real-time. It’s practical – change something, and the computer shows you the result right away!

More Practical Features:

Save and Share: Save your work and share it. Plus, make it run on any computer – simple and hassle-free.

How HELIoS Helps Teachers and Students:

Teacher Training: Teachers find HELIoS helpful. It makes learning computer stuff easier for them, so they can teach you better.

Make Basic Phone Apps: HELIoS helps you understand how to make simple phone apps – nothing fancy, just practical coding.

Ready to try out HELIoS? If you have questions or want to give it a go, just reach out to us. Let’s make learning about computers straightforward and enjoyable!